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How does a body get out of balance?

The body has the subconscious desire to give constant balance towards the human self. As this person is in a constant rush of life, the body stores up the inconsistencies (=packages) when it’s on the edge of getting out of balance.  The normal human doesn’t take immediate action to solve these inconvenient packages so the body decides to build walls around them, just to keep this balance for survival. Regarding the quantity and classification of these packages, our body will react in an emotional or physical manner.

This discomfort (= tension, pain, blocked nerves, …) of the human body can have its origin as early as from pregnancy, during birth, difficult childhood, accidents, traumas, stress, a hostile environment, a divorce, emotional problems, etc.

Craniosacral therapy provides a safe environment for the body and takes the time to solve each package. A good session enlightens the human.

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