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An example of a session

The patient (=you) wears casual clothing as this enhances a smooth inner flow of the human body. Before you lay on a homely massage table (or sit on a chair) you take of your shoes and belt. You receive a blanket for your own comfort.

The therapist asks your permission to put his hands on/ under a certain part of the body (ex. on the ankles, under the neck, under the tailbone, …). During the session he requests to close your eyes as this helps to leave the outside world so you may concentrate better on yourself. Falling asleep is OK as this assures a deep relaxation of the body. This relaxation releases tensions and restrictions (= relieves pain) resulting in a better inner flow. It’s permitted to ask questions while your eyes are closed. You may also ask the therapist to put his hands on a certain spot with slight/heavy pain.

A whole session takes about an hour.

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