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Craniosacral biodynamic therapy to get back in balance at 'Pure Relaxation' in the center of Barcelona.

With happiness comes intelligence to the heart.

How does a body get out of balance ?


An example of a session



A biodynamic craniosacral session

The body has the subconscious desire to give constant balance towards the human self. As this person is in a constant rush of life, the body stores up the inconsistencies (=packages) when it’s on the edge of getting out of balance. 

The patient (=you) wears casual clothing, lays on a homely massage table (or sit on a chair) and takes of his/her shoes. A nice blanket is given for your own comfort. The therapist asks your permission to put his hands on/ under a certain part of the body.

Olivier has the ability to bring your body in a state of ultimate relaxation and relief all kinds of tension. He does this by simply (and gently) first taking your legs (just above your heels) in his hands, and then very slowly touching you at the back of your head.

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