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Olivier is the best way to get yourself back in balance. He brings your mind and body at ease. During the treatment you really feel the effect on your body. I would recommend everyone to give this a try. His abilities are really worth to be experienced.

--- Lotte van Kempen ---

The wonderful thing about craniosacral therapy is the soft and sensitive approach. During the treatment Oliver uses subtle handling which are very centring and deeply relaxing. This results in loosening tension in the pelvic region, the inner spaces of the vertebra and letting go of a stressful mind. The whole body relaxes and every part warms up. I felt an alignment my vertebrae. Oliver does this in a deeply dedicated and heartfelt way and holds the perfect space for the body to release emotional tension and surrender in trust.

--- Brigitte Becu ---

Olivier has the ability to bring your body in a state of ultimate relaxation and relief all kinds of tension. He does this by simply (and gently) first taking your legs (just above your heels) in his hands, and then very slowly touching you at the back of your head.

I have never been more relaxes that on Olivier’s table. I do have experience with more craniosacral therapists but I love to go to Olivier, because I know he is good and I feel a state of body that I never experienced elsewhere. I belief that the self-healing power of the body gets turned on when receiving a session at Olivier’s because every time I walked out of his room, I felt relieved.

Also, Olivier is a ‘man of the world’. He breaths rest and stability. He is developed spiritually and well connected with himself and his environment, and puts you at ease from the very first moment you meet him.

All I can recommend you, is to go and visit Olivier, and “surrender” yourself to his healing experience.

--- Margo Vermeiren ---

I was given 3 treatments by Olivier while spending my holidays in Barcelona. It was a lovely experience and the subtle treatments were exactly what I needed, as they allowed me to become a part of the treatment instead of just being a piece of meat. Olivier has a unique approach to giving treatments and my whole system was happy to receive his gentle guidance. For each treatment I felt I got deeper into myself and I highly recommend Pure Relaxation - and Olivier.

--- Adam Lowert ---

Very relaxing atmosphere. Olivier is very friendly and professional and makes you feel at ease as soon as you step inside. The location in the centre of Barcelona is also great.
--- Ken ---

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