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Olivier Verbist, your biodynamic craniosacral therapist at 'Pure Relaxation' in the center of Barcelona.

Don't let the world change your smile, let your smile change the world.

My life

My education

My passion: Helping others

About me: Olivier Verbist

Milestones for Olivier:

  • Born on 26/11/1972 in Belgium

  • Sports: football, skiing, squash

  • Take class of music  

  • Exchange student in USA ('91)

  • ...

In September 2007 my schooling started at the ‘Peirsman Craniosacral Academy’. The following courses, which includes theory and use of manual techniques, were completed:

During his education as a therapist, I had the opportunity to practice on colleagues, family and friends. The dynamism of these patients convinced me to continue giving craniosacral sessions in the evenings after my regular job as administrator.

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