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My education at the Peirsman Academy

In September 2007 my schooling started at the ‘Peirsman Craniosacral Academy’. The following courses, which includes theory and use of manual techniques, were completed:​

  • Basic course / Follow-up course

  • Sphenoid work

  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

  • Deep muscular work on psoas and fascia dynamics

  • Eye performance

  • New-borns and children

  • Talking to the Heart (*)

  • Talking to the Alarm clock (*)

  • Talking to the immune system (*)

  • Family Constellation (*)

  • Talking to the Brain (*)

  • Craniosacral therapy in water of 33°C (External training, not at the Peirsman Academy)

  • Biodynamic rhythm (Ext. training, not at the Peirsman Academy)

  • Advanced course

  • My thesis: ‘The wisdom of the body’

In 2012 I received my certificate as ‘Craniosacral Therapist’

(*) Somato Emotional Release helps to release emotional issues and traumas

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